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This profile page summarizes all known activity of the location Yale, British Columbia, Canada related to Geothermal. This location may have appeared in articles supporting this topic, against it, or in a separate context: this biographical entry simply demarks this location as appearing in content suggesting contextual association with Geothermal.

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All Media Count   47
News Count (W/Clustered)   32 (68.09%)
Distinct Stories   23
Blog Count   14 (29.79%)
Tweet Count   0 (0.00%)
Shared Tweet Count   0
Links Tweeted   0
Combined Tone   2.39
Combined Polarization   7.21
Combined Activity   0.73
Combined Personalization   0.73
News Tone   1.87
Blog Tone   3.59
Tweet Tone   0
First Seen   11/18/2009
Last Seen   11/16/2013
News/Social Ratio  68.09%
Attention/Loyalty  34 / 2956 days (1.15%)
City   Yale
Region   British Columbia, Canada
Country   Canada
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4.35% (2)
2.17% (1)
63.04% (29)
89.13% (41)

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Related People

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Karen Seto   21.28% (10)
Shobhakar Dhakal   21.28% (10)
Sybil Seitzinger   21.28% (10)
Jeff Immelt   10.64% (5)
Craig Tighe   10.64% (5)

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Related Organizations

The following organizations occur in articles mentioning this location:

United Nations   31.91% (15)
Yale University   29.79% (14)
Royal Swedish Academy Of Sciences   21.28% (10)
Us Department Of Energy   12.77% (6)
European Union   10.64% (5)

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Yale, British Columbia, Canada   97.87% (46)
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada   29.79% (14)
Reykjavik, (Ic10), Iceland   27.66% (13)
London, London, City Of, United Kingdom   25.53% (12)
Washington, District Of Columbia, United States   10.64% (5)

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Related Countries
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Canada   8.51% (46)
United States   8.51% (37)
China   8.51% (32)
India   8.51% (29)
Iceland   8.51% (22)

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Related Global Regions

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British Columbia, Canada   97.87% (46)
(Ic10), Iceland   27.66% (13)
London, City Of, United Kingdom   25.53% (12)
Fukushima, Japan   10.64% (5)
Quebec, Canada   8.51% (4)

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The following US states occur in articles mentioning this location:

New York, United States   34.04% (16)
California, United States   23.40% (11)
Washington, United States   17.02% (8)
District Of Columbia, United States   10.64% (5)
Texas, United States   8.51% (4)

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Outlet Location Countries
This location is mentioned in articles from outlets in these countries:
United States   8.51% (19)
Canada   8.51% (3)
Grenada   8.51% (1)
Canadian   8.51% (1)
Australian   8.51% (1)

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Top News Outlets

This location tends to be mentioned in articles from the following news outlets:

Yale.Edu   6.38% (3)
Courant.Com   2.13% (1)
Mauritiustimes.Com   2.13% (1)
Xe.Com   2.13% (1)
Theenergycollective.Com   2.13% (1)

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Top Blogs

This location tends to be mentioned in articles from the following blogs:

Vikingmservices.Blogspot.Com   4.26% (2)
Icelandviking.Com   2.13% (1)
Blogs.Howstuffworks.Com   2.13% (1)
Reasonsforclimatechange.Learned.In.Th   2.13% (1)
Ktelontour.Blogspot.Com   2.13% (1)

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News Articles

All 32 news articles:


Faith-based environmentalism | Longboat Key News

...... At the end of the century , with current commitments , these Spanish efforts will have delayed the impact of global warming by roughly hours , according to the estimates of Yale University well-regarded Dynamic Integrated Climate-Economy model Hundreds of billions of dollars for additional hours That a bad deal Forget the cant that tells us that green energy is good for ......

(805 words by
Tone: -0.35%
Pol: 5.68%
Act: 21.55%
Per: 1.27%
Que: 5.56%
Exc: 0.00%

Iceland Seeks to Cash In On Its Abundant Renewable Energy by Cheryl Katz: Yale Environment 360

...... will be reviewed before they are posted to ensure they are on topic , relevant , and not abusive They may be edited for length and clarity By filling out this form , you give Yale Environment permission to publish this comment ABOUT THE AUTHOR Cheryl Katz is a science writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area former staff reporter for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune , the Miami ......

(1741 words by
Tone: 1.57%
Pol: 5.27%
Act: 21.93%
Per: 0.54%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

Award-Winning Architects Seek Out 'Unheroic' Designs | WFPL

...... De Leon and Ross Primmer , is one of eleven to receive the profession highest recognition of excellence this year Other projects recognized by the AIA include buildings at Cornell and Yale universities , a waterfront expansion of the Vancouver Convention Centre and the exterior renovation of the New York Public Library By contrast , Mason Lane Farms flies a bit under the radar , a ......

(998 words by
Tone: 2.29%
Pol: 5.91%
Act: 19.16%
Per: 1.62%
Que: 2.70%
Exc: 0.00%

Energy And Environment Update -- December 23, 2012 | Mintz Levin - Environmental Law - JDSupra

...... the group will release a study on the impact of unconventional oil and natural gas production on domestic manufacturing in February Consumers Reward Corporate Climate Change Action Yale University and George Mason University published a report December finding that almost a third of domestic consumers said that in the past months they have given business to a company as a reward for ......

(4492 words by
Tone: 1.26%
Pol: 6.77%
Act: 20.87%
Per: 0.02%
Que: 0.64%
Exc: 0.00%

Bringing Climate Change Into the National Security Conversation | The Cornell Daily Sun

...... resources will create a pressure cooker for conflicts over food , water and energy In A discussion on genocide prevention with foreign policy experts and secretary Of State Hillary Clinton , Yale history professor Timothy Snyder testified that the world had entered a time of ecological panic , the reactions to which will lead to mass killings in the coming decades By , the National ......

(819 words by
Tone: -1.53%
Pol: 7.88%
Act: 20.24%
Per: 0.35%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

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Blog Posts

All 14 blog posts:


Book News: Book News Vol. 8 No. 37

...... Humour winners WP Kinsella , Joe Kertes , Dan Needles , Terry Fallis , Trevor Cole Sunday , November at pm , free Yale District Community Centre , Albert Street , Yale , BC DEAD POETS READING SERIES Five poets readers poetry-lovers writers with extensive public reading experience read poems from one of their favourite dead poets Sunday , November at ......

(2250 words by
Tone: 3.33%
Pol: 5.79%
Act: 17.53%
Per: 0.75%
Que: 4.67%
Exc: 2.00%

k'telontour travel the world; but very S-L-O-W-L-Y...: What, No Thailand?

...... were in Europe , with France at the top , receiving a negative score of Link Cleanest Country Iceland Iceland is the cleanest country in the world According to researchers at Yale and Columbia Universities , the Nordic Island ranks first out of countries on their Environmental Performance Index Researchers ranked countries based on indicators , including water and ......

(996 words by
Tone: 5.23%
Pol: 7.01%
Act: 20.04%
Per: 0.30%
Que: 3.92%
Exc: 0.00%

Latin America Report: Geothermal Gaining Steam in Chile | Renewable Energy News, Green Products and Green Companies

...... systems Our solutions improve the performance , Read More India Solar Excitement Proceed with Caution India was ranked as having the world unhealthiest air pollution in a recent Yale study And its overall environment Read More Brown Liquor and Solar Cells To Provide Sustainable Electricity Organic solar cells based on conductive plastic is a low cost alternative that has ......

(364 words by
Tone: 2.82%
Pol: 4.52%
Act: 18.64%
Per: 0.28%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 16.67%

Expanding Cities Pressure The Environment More And More « Ann NovekWith the Sky as the Ceiling and the Heart Outdoors

...... or environmentally sustainable and the environmental cost of ongoing urban sprawl is too great to continue , said Karen Seto , associate professor of the urban environment at Yale University the North American suburb has gone global , and car-dependent urban developments are more and more the norm the United Nations sees global population rising to billion people by ......

(508 words by
Tone: 1.92%
Pol: 6.13%
Act: 21.26%
Per: 0.19%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

Bjrk's Environmental Karaoke Marathon | GREENDUMP

...... OPTIONS GREENBLOG GREENPEACE PLANET SAVE SMITTEN KITCHEN THE OIL DRUM TREEHUGGER WEBURBANIST YALE ENVIRONMENT Recent Comments apartment rentals buenos aires on Drumbeat June , neil on Natural gas , the green choice Beata Szczurek On Futuretecture From Sea Cities To Space ......

(475 words by
Tone: 2.12%
Pol: 2.88%
Act: 20.19%
Per: 0.96%
Que: 56.25%
Exc: 0.00%

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