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Obama: Nation stronger, GOP should back his plans - Yahoo! News

...... from federal oil and gas leases to support development of clean energy technologies such as biofuels and natural gas Doubling of renewable energy in the U.S. from wind, solar and geothermal sources by 2020. Tuesday night's address marked Obama's most expansive remarks on the economy since the November election. Since securing a second term, the president has focused more heavily on ......

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The Associated Press: Volcano erupts on New Zealand's North Island

...... said the eruption was likely caused by steam pressure building within the mountain before bursting through the ground. New Zealand is part of the Pacific's "Ring of Fire" and has frequent geothermal and seismic activity. However, the last verified eruption of Mount Tongariro occurred in 1897, marking the end of a decade of volcanic activity. Sherburn said it was too early to determine whether ......

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Rep. Miller honors St. Clair County Community College | The Times Herald |

...... for its efforts in water quality and environmental sustainability. Miller toured several of SC4s alternative energy and green campus components, including the colleges bioswales, geothermal system, green roofs, green retaining wall, living labs and rain gardens. She met with faculty, staff and students; interacted with students in an alternative energy class and saw demonstrations of ......

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Kevin A. Pollock: SC4 students join energy's vanguard | The Times Herald |

...... to power and operate its campus. Through the past few years, SC4 has added several renewable energy pieces to our campus. We have green roofs, solar panels, solar hot water systems and a geothermal heating and cooling system. Through the Living Labs, students can study how these applications work in the real world. Studying the future of energy in the classroom and then seeing how it applies ......

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Columbus County Park lodge takes form - Port Huron Times Herald

...... of Emmett has a $48,711 contract to build the septic field. Brochu expected the company will install the pumps for the septic field after the building's plumbing is finished. The lodge's geothermal wells also will be added after the outside of the building is substantially complete, Brochu said. A $52,000 federal energy efficiency grant will pay for the cost of the wells. With construction ......

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COLUMBUS TWP. -- Columbus County Park's new lodge building is taking shape. - Port Huron Times Herald

...... approved a $48,711 contract with Siegel Sand & Gravel of Emmett on Oct. 19 to build a septic field for the lodge. Brochu expected the company would begin work by early to mid-November. Geothermal wells also will be added to the building. Brochu said crews likely will begin drilling the wells after the shell of the building is complete. Ed Birkmeier Well Drilling of New Lothrop was awarded ......

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University of Mich. going green environmentally - Danbury News Times

...... on campus in December. The university also is working with DTE Energy to install solar panels on its North Campus, and a golf center on its South Campus will be heated and cooled with geothermal technology. It's also creating a minor in sustainability and hiring faculty who are experts in the field. Coleman and other officials described the goals as broad and ambitious, encompassing ......

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St. Clair County looks at park lodge - Port Huron Times Herald

...... discussed the Parks and Recreation Commission's plans to invest in the Columbus County Park Lodge Building because of its estimated high price tag. Aside from costs for the structure's geothermal wells and septic system, the project has been estimated to cost about $2.2 million, said Mark Brochu, director of St. Clair County Parks and Recreation. Ed Birkmeier Well Drilling of New Lothrop was ......

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